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Have the best birthday blast ever!

Outdoor action and great fun for everyone!

1 hour Young Warriors Package             $300*

RN Fun Boys

Ideal for smaller Teen birthday parties, or for younger children aged 6 to 8 yo, who can quickly tire from all the running around. We can tweak the games for youngsters to make them a little easier!

  • 10 blasters included ($15 per extra blaster)
  • 1 crew member to marshal the games.
  • Play 3 – 4 games in the hour
  • Options include bunkers, photos and night time packages.
  • Ask about our Star Wars crew!
  • $100 for extra half hour of play.
  • Extra crew available for larger parties with more than 14 players (from $75 each).


1.5 hour Commandos Package             $450*

RN Boy Happy Surprized

Great for older kids and teens with lots of energy, or for larger groups of younger children! Players will enjoy our strategic and team oriented games. Tailor-made for an outdoor birthday or family party in a park with lots of natural cover.

  • 14 blasters included.
  • 2 crew members to manage the games.
  • Play 5-7 games, including Team Deathmatch, KOTH and CTF!
  • $20 per additional blaster.
  • Options include bunkers and NightStalker packages.
  • Optional rotation for an affordable BIG party up to 40 players.

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2 hour Green Berets Package                $650*


Suitable for all ages – let the whole class to join in the fun! A park with big trees would be the best place for this event! Ask about our Nightstalkers package (for play in the dark!) and Star Wars Crew (Commander Cody and Captain Rex can come to your party!).

  • 20 blasters included.
  • 2 Crew members to manage the games.
  • $25 per additional blaster.
  • Options include bunkers and NightStalker packages.
  • Rotation Option for HUGE party at an affordable price
  • Invite everyone for a fantastic time!


2 hour SAS Black Ops Package           $1550*


Our premier party package with all the trimmings!
Invite the entire class to your birthday party and plan a winning strategy.
This package is ideal for larger groups or advanced players wanting all out action, fun and adventure!

  • 30 blasters included.
  • 3 crew members to manage your big event.
  • $30 per additional blaster.
  • INCLUDED – Epic Bunkers for extra fun!
  • INCLUDED – Rotation – so even more can play!



Package Time Included Price* Xtra Blaster Xtra Crew* Rotate Bunkers
Young Warriors 1.0hr 10 Blasters
1 Crew
$300 $15 ea $80 pp No Optional
Commandos 1.5hr 14 Blasters
1 Crew
$450 $20 ea $100 pp $100 1x Optional
Green Berets 2.0hr 20 Blasters
2 Crew
$650 $25 ea $150 pp $200 2x Optional
SAS Black Ops 2.0hr 30 Blasters
3 Crew
$1550 $25 ea $150 pp Included Included

*    Travel charges apply to venues beyond 15 km/30min travel from our base in Turramurra.
*    We recommend that 1 crew member instructs no more than 10-12 player 5-7yo players.


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