5 Ways Laser Tag Can Make Any Birthday Party Special

Laser tag is arguably one of the most fun and exciting ideas when it comes to games birthday party for kids. Not only is it massive fun, it is also affordable if you hire the right company. If the occasion happens to be your kid’s birthday, then laser tag makes for a great time for … Continued

3 Ways Laser Tag Can Help You Build Great Teams

How to foster a better sense of team work in an organisation? A number of studies have shown that effective company team building activities can help you achieve a highly productive workforce. A dream team that can cooperate innovate and communicate better than employees who work individually.  One such activity that can do wonders to … Continued

Tips for Organizing a Memorable Laser Tag Party for Your Child

Fun and exciting, laser tag parties have become quite popular throughout the country. Some people might feel that a laser tag party ranks among the best birthday party ideas you could have for your children. You can play these games indoors as well as outdoors. In addition, you can make teams based on the number … Continued

Why Laser Tag Party For Kids Birthday Is Awesome?

Are you planning to surprise your kid with a birthday party? Celebrating your kid’s birthday needs careful planning and preparations. One of your priorities right now is the birthday theme. Have you ever heard of your kid attending a friend’s laser tag party? This is the latest themed party that kids of all ages would … Continued

Creating a memorable and Fun Kids Birthday Parties in 7 Easy Steps

Whenever you have your kid’s birthday party certain points should be there in every parents head, .like Budget, Date and Time, Theme, Food etc., Following are the steps to create a party more fun and excited which your kid would definitely like: When & Where: Plan your party Venue with the team of laser warriors … Continued

Top 3 Tips to Make The Most Of Kids’ Birthday Parties

Kids’ birthday parties are great events where everyone should have loads of fun. But nothing really dampens that festive spirit more than a poorly organised party. You need to be careful with kids too, they can get injured at seemingly harmless things. Plastic knives for cakes are an obvious inclusion. Safety approved party games are … Continued

What Parents Need to Know Before Renting Laser Tag Equipment

Hundreds of Australians throw birthday parties for their children each year. In most cases, they will think of the venue, the guests, the refreshments and the gifts (or party favours) in that order. Each of these details contributes significantly towards making the party memorable. However, one element that often does not get the attention it … Continued

Joyous Laser Tag Games Can Boost Your Child’s Development

In the late 1970s, the United States Army deployed a system that used infrared beams to aid combat training. This involved firing infrared beams into receivers that scored the hits. At the time, not many would have believed that this system would earn widespread popularity across the world as laser tag. Experts believe that the … Continued

3 Ways to Combine Laser Tag with Other Birthday Party Games

Setting up kids’ birthday parties is difficult business. You need to find the right combination of games, activities and events to make it special. Now, there are many ways to throw a party and you are free to explore. However, there are some very popular and very successful laser tag combinations which you should know. … Continued

3 Awesome Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties You Have to Try!

Arranging kid’s birthday parties can be a lot of stress. You need to find the right mix of decorations, arrangements, entertainment and games. The last one is quite important here, because you need to have the right games at kids’ birthday parties. This is precisely what makes laser tag the best games party ideas for … Continued

What can I do for my kid’s 10th birthday party?

Planning a birthday party for a ten year old can be tricky. For both boys and girls, it’s the age where themed parties, play centres and party games just aren’t cool anymore. But how do you entertain a group of ten year olds while still making it fun and cool? 1. Choose Outdoor Laser Tag … Continued

3 Fun Boys Birthday Party Ideas in 2019

Any good boys’ birthday party always is a big event filled with laughter, fun and a whole lot of joyous screaming. Well, at least they should be. Choosing the right party games or themes for your little boys’ birthday parties is a sure-fire way to make it memorable. Now, you might be wondering how you … Continued

Activities to celebrate NAIDOC week

NAIDOC Week is an occasion for all Australians to come together to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – the oldest continuing cultures on the planet.   NAIDOC Week will run nationally from 7-14 July 2019, which falls during the July school holidays.   This is a great … Continued

4 Ways Laser Skirmish in Sydney Can Foster Effective Teamwork

  Games involving groups of people have been used since ancient times to build team spirit and develop the ability to cooperate with one another. In the modern world, there are countless places where the ability to work with others comes in really handy for personal success. One very common way to develop a good … Continued

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Laser Tag in the Park

Laser tag is one of the most popular outdoor activities for people today. Laser tag is always a great fun, and it can involve any number of people and suit almost all social occasions. Even businesses periodically hire laser tag companies to organize team building events.   Among the countless ways to play laser tag, … Continued

3 Ways Laser Tag Can Boost Your Child’s Performance

Laser tag has gained enormous popularity among people of all ages in Australia. It is used by successful corporations, and you may have seen it as one of the most popular boys’ birthday party ideas. But laser tag is not just a nice game to play at an event, nor is it just meant for … Continued

5 Ways Laser Tag Can Take Any Boys Birthday Party to the Next Level

Laser tag has always been a popular activity in Australia. You can find enthusiasts playing it almost everywhere from parks to concrete arenas to suburban neighbourhoods. The fact that it is incredibly fun and also completely safe makes it a great option for some memorable outdoor fun.   But aside from that weekend fun, laser … Continued

Where are the best parks in the Newcastle, NSW region?

Best parks in the Newcastle region With LaserWarriors mobile laser tag now operating in the Newcastle area we have compiled a list of fantastic parks that would be perfect for your next outdoor laser tag party. We’ve broken them down to areas; Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter and Port Stephens. Newcastle Jesmond Park Located at 4 … Continued

LaserWarriors is now in Newcastle!

Looking for a party option between Newcastle and Cessnock, Port Stephens to Lake Macquarie? We are very excited to announce that LaserWarriors mobile laser tag is expanding to Newcastle, NSW! We can come to you at your local park, your home or community hall! Perfect for kids birthday parties as an entertainment option. Teens love … Continued