Laser tag party – Ideas for the goody bags

A Laser tag party leaves behind long lasting memories of the high tech ambushes in the laser tag arena. You can treat your guests with personalized apparel or laser themed novelties. In case you want to keep your goody bags simple, you can as well consider tokens for the laser tag facility for the kids. … Continued

Laser tag Sydney – A phenomenal growth in the entertainment world

The results of recent nationwide surveys of participation in attraction shows a phenomenal growth in Laser Tag Sydney. When compared to bowling centres, the number of laser tag facilities are almost 20% less. However, over the years the number of laser tag Sydney facilities are increasing in numbers. In case the same trend continues, the … Continued

An Outdoor Laser Tag Party Can Be Thoroughly Entertaining

The realistic game environment of laser tagis ideal for outdoor setup too. The playgrounds usually portray real world scenarios. For instance, many playing zones will resemble cities ravaged by war. As such, the zones will feature broken buildings and a deformed landmass. The setting of battered buildings and a network of alleys provides the perfect … Continued

An Overview of Laser Tag

A casual stroll around the market in your neighbourhood would reveal one or more laser tag arenas. As mentioned before, the popularity of laser tag remains unabated throughout Sydney. Many people might feel that only kids of a particular age group will find this game interesting. However, this is not the case. Laser tag is … Continued

Laser Tag – The Evolution over the Years

Laser Tag introduced around 28 years back in the US and since that time, it has ascended in the entertainment world as a great attraction which can add to any facility’s mix. However, in those days the laser tag guns used to be heavy, cumbersome and bulky. With the advancements in technology, we now have … Continued

Some Popular Themes and Games for Birthday Party Kids

Parents often have too much on their plates. From juggling their careers to managing the home, they will often find themselves hard-pressed for time. In this scenario, planning a birthday party for their child can complicate matters further. Surpassing the stupendous success of your child’s previous birthday party can be a tough ask. However, you … Continued

Organise a Memorable Party for Your Kid’s Birthday

Entertaining adult guests at a party you’re hosting is not easy by any means. But, when it comes to keeping a horde of kids attending a party for your kid’s birthday, even that might appear to be easy. Planning kids’ birthday parties can be a daunting task for many parents. Kids tend to have shorter … Continued

Are You Looking for Help with Organising a Laser Tag Party?

Not all parents can organise a laser party for their kids on their own. So, if you need help with organising such a party, simply engage the LaserWarriors. Our outdoor laser tag games comprise all the essential aspects of outdoor paintball in a safe and exciting way. Many people might consider these games mindless shootouts. … Continued

Do You Plan to Purchase Laser Tag Equipment for Your Kids?

As mentioned earlier, skirmish is a game that will be ideal for kids of all ages. This is because you can fine-tune the game and make it simpler or more complex, depending on the participants. As a result, kids will seldom feel bored when engaged in a game as thrilling as this. However, you might … Continued

The Features of Laser Tag

Playing laser tag is quite common in Chatswood and other areas of the city. However, there are several variations in laser tag systems. For instance, the technology used in the game could vary based on the systems in use. The old-style infrared systems are cost effective investments. But, the aim and the accuracy of this … Continued

Laser Tag – The Perfect Game for Indoor and Outdoor Parties for Kids

Typically, many parents consider some traditional favourites when deciding on activities for their kids. For instance, games like ‘Pin the Tail’ and ‘Pinata’ are amusing and easy to conduct. The former requires a large poster with a drawing of a donkey or another cartoon character, and several pins. A piñata is simply a papier-maché animal … Continued

Birthday party ideas for kids – Laser Tag Birthday Cake Ideas

For a high energy and action packed birthday party, you can seriously consider for Laser Tag birthday party ideas for kids. Most laser tag venues allows for private parties where the food and beverage is generally controlled by the hosts. Laser tag games can be played either in smaller or larger groups, and it would … Continued

Laser Tag Chatswood – The Beginner’s Guide

Most laser tag game themes involve two or more teams which means there is a lot of scope for teamwork where the players need to plan and make strategies to achieve their mutual goal. Laser Tag Chatswood in outdoor settings in an all natural setting allows maximum fun and physical activity. There are different game … Continued

Laser tag Sydney – Lock and Load Laser Tag Guns

Laser Tag Sydney is incomplete without the use of the most important equipment i.e. the laser tag gun. Although inspired by real weapon design, they are not firearms. There are no projectiles and the only thing emitted by the laser tag guns is light which could be Infrared light and bright light from the muzzle. … Continued

Laser Tag – Great Fun and Unlimited Excitement

For any team building exercise or a birthday party, you would always like to have an interesting idea which can keep everyone entertained. Laser tag games are ideal because they are relatively new and allow everyone to have a gala time without any hassles. With the advancement of technology, laser tag games have become all … Continued

Skirmish – How different is Paintball from Laser Tag Skirmish?

One would definitely enjoy playing both paintball and laser tag skirmish, however there are quite a few variances which makes them different. Laser tag skirmish is not generally regulated by any state or local laws, however paintball is regulated in many places. Laser tag skirmish doesn’t allow running to make the whole experience safe, fun-filled … Continued

Games birthday party kids – Laser Tag Themed parties

One needs to be creative and innovative when planning for games birthday party kids. The planning for such parties gets tougher each day with advancements in technology and myriad options available to choose. Having a laser tag themed party for your kid’s birthday party is a great idea. Not that everyone would be participating in all … Continued

Players don’t need to be fast runners

Though the action in any laser tag game is often fast-paced, players are not required to run fast to shoot their opponents. In addition, for safety reasons and to make games less physically demanding, most laser tag games are designed to boost strategy making skills of players. At the end of every game, each player … Continued

Players don’t need to have a flawless aim

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need to be an impeccable shooter to be a part or even win an exciting game of skirmish. However, other factors, such as lightning-fast reflexes, excellent team work, and communication between the team members play a far greater role in winning a skirmish game. Additionally, there’s no real … Continued

Military-style combat

It’s a known fact that laser tag was derived from systems used in military training. Therefore, in most laser tag games, players get access to the replicas of military style assault rifles, pistols and sniper guns. Though there’s a vast range of games and missions, the ultimate goal is to collect more points than the … Continued

Laser tag is not paintball

Laser tag is not paintball – Well, it’s true that some of the aspects of paintball and laser tag, such as teamwork, importance of communication, thrill and excitement are quite similar. However, contrary to paintball, laser tag offers a completely painless experience, and is way more scientifically advanced than paintball. Laser tag equipment uses laser … Continued

What is a Laser tag party?

A Laser tag party is somewhat similar to a science-fiction movie set. In order to win the game, each team has to perform certain precisely designed action-packed tasks, such as slaying the members of opponent team with laser tag or finding and protecting certain objects and so on. In order to keep adrenaline pumping, high-octane … Continued

Facts You Might Not Know About Laser Tag in Sydney

Probably, one of the few sports that are as popular with kids as they are with adults and where a ten year old can beat a thirty year old by showing some presence of mind is laser skirmish.  Nowadays, laser skirmish in Sydney uses state-of-the art technology, which is one of the few things responsible … Continued

Are You Looking for Assistance in Planning a Laser Tag Party in Sydney?

There are several entertaining party ideas for younger kids. However, it is harder to engage with tweenies and teenagers. Given the widespread use of electronic items like iPads, Playstations etc., it is unsurprising that many of these kids prefer handling their gizmos than playing games. However, we have the games necessary to make kids use … Continued

What is Laser Skirmish?

As mentioned earlier, laser tag is especially suited for playing indoors. Kids enjoyed playing laser tag so much that it has also become one of the most popular birthday party ideas for kids. However, unlike arcaded shopping centres, not many houses have the space for a gang of kids to indulge in the game unhindered. … Continued

Laser Tag Parties – Interesting, Innovative and Exciting

When it comes to games, many parents will fall back on the usual suspects. These could include games like Pin the Tail or Musical Chairs. However, in recent times, a plethora of games and entertainment options has emerged for kids. For example, laser tag parties are quite popular in Chatswood and the adjoining areas. Many … Continued

Some Useful Tips for Organising a Memorable Kid’s Birthday Party

Oftentimes, parents struggle to come up with interesting birthday party ideas for their kids’ parties. Things have progressed a lot from the time when the parents were kids. As such, knowing what kids like or expect in their party can be a tricky proposition. If you’ve been struggling to come up with viable ideas for … Continued