Skirmish – Exponential growth in Laser Tag’s popularity

The recent results of nationwide surveys shows an exponential growth in the popularity for laser skirmish. Over the past few years the number of laser tag skirmish facilities are increasing. Although currently the number of bowling centres are more in comparison to laser skirmish arenas, however if the same growth trend continues, laser skirmish arenas … Continued

Party for kids Birthday – Laser Tag Birthday Cakes

For a high octane and fun filled party for kids birthday it is recommended to check out the nearest laser tag company for offers and prices. Kids would love to hide and strike in the giant maze of obstacles while targeting the sensor vests of opponents. Create a birthday cake which will impress everyone at … Continued

Laser tag Sydney – General Questions

Laser tag Sydney is extremely popular among kids and grownups and hence many have lot of general questions in their mind with respect to laser tag games. So, what is laser tag? In simpler terms, it’s a high-tech hide and seek game where players need to use their laser gun to tag opponents by shooting … Continued

Laser Tag Party – Dressing for a Laser tag game

The main aim of a laser tag game is to hit the sensor enabled vests of your opponents with the laser tag gun while keeping your own vest from being hit. There are number of tactics which can help you keep safe during Laser tag party however the clothes you choose to wear while playing … Continued

Laser tag Chatswood – Arenas with inflatable bunkers

There are various different types of laser tag arenas available which offers fun and excitement for laser tag Chatswood. The inflatable bunkers can be easily moved from one venue to another. There are different military themes available for Laser tag Chatswood which includes brick walls, tank, oil barrels etc. The inflatable bunkers allow players to … Continued

Laser Tag – For an Unforgettable Experience

The aim for any laser tag arena is to provide you with an unforgettable experience of outdoor fun. It offers an exciting option of an adrenaline filled game with two teams battling it out for honour and glory. One needs teamwork, tactics, planning, communication and effective leadership for a victory. There are various different venue … Continued

Laser Skirmish Sydney – Health and Safety guidelines

There are many important health and safety guidelines which must be strictly followed during Laser skirmish Sydney. The only risks to players remain similar to any outdoor game like trip hazards, strings, low branches etc. Laser skirmish Sydney is a non-contact sport, therefore any behaviour that could cause injury to themselves or, other participants isn’t … Continued

Laser Skirmish – Different features of Laser tag

Laser skirmish is a great sporting game which can be played in groups of varying sizes and played in the indoor or outdoor arenas. A great game which can be played with family, friends and colleagues and immensely popular for birthday parties and corporate team building events. There are different variations of laser tag systems … Continued

Games birthday party kids – Laser tag game zones

There are lot of laser tag establishments which offer a stress free birthday with games birthday party kids with a laser tag party package. For the perfect laser tag experience it is important to understand the need of your guests and their preference in terms of the laser tag equipment, missions and the arena. One … Continued

Birthday party ideas for kids – Laser tag themed parties

Laser tag games offer the same fun and excitement as paintball minus the pain and bruises. High tech laser tag equipment allow kids and grownups to bond with their friends and ambush their enemies over a friendly laser skirmish. Birthday party ideas for kids can never ignore a laser tag themed party considering its overwhelming … Continued