Become Fitter and More Proficient Each Time You Play Laser Tag

If you’re wondering how you can add some spice and excitement to your boy’s birthday party, the solution can be quite simple. Have you, for instance, considered organising a laser tag party? For the uninitiated, laser tag is a game that involves both skill and precision. In laser tag, one player tries to hit the … Continued

Types of Games For a Laser Skirmish Sydney

The excitement of laser tag Chatswood or Sydney events can be great but there are many different game options for you to consider. These go well beyond just a traditional laser skirmish Sydney participants might get into. KOTH Games Are Popular King of the hill or KOTH games are among the best games to play … Continued

How Are Scores For Laser Tag in the Park Calculated?

A game of laser tag in the park can be fun but you might be curious as to how well you can get laser tag scored. Naturally, it involves hitting as many targets as possible. This includes working with teammates to get the most targets. A laser tag Sydney event can be scored by using … Continued

What Equipment Works For a Laser Tag Party?

When getting a laser tag party ready, you have to watch for how different pieces of equipment can work. The items that will be used at a laser skirmish in Sydney should be reviewed properly so you will have the necessity materials on hand for such an event. These can especially make a laser tag … Continued

Skirmish – Exponential growth in Laser Tag’s popularity

The recent results of nationwide surveys shows an exponential growth in the popularity for laser skirmish. Over the past few years the number of laser tag skirmish facilities are increasing. Although currently the number of bowling centres are more in comparison to laser skirmish arenas, however if the same growth trend continues, laser skirmish arenas … Continued

Party for kids Birthday – Laser Tag Birthday Cakes

For a high octane and fun filled party for kids birthday it is recommended to check out the nearest laser tag company for offers and prices. Kids would love to hide and strike in the giant maze of obstacles while targeting the sensor vests of opponents. Create a birthday cake which will impress everyone at … Continued

Laser tag Sydney – General Questions

Laser tag Sydney is extremely popular among kids and grownups and hence many have lot of general questions in their mind with respect to laser tag games. So, what is laser tag? In simpler terms, it’s a high-tech hide and seek game where players need to use their laser gun to tag opponents by shooting … Continued