Laserwarriors uses the best commercial laser tag equipment available

  • laser tag blaster gun
  • blaster shooting laser tag
  • laser tag blaster ammo
  • Lightweight ABS shell weighing just 450grammes (vs 2-4 kg for metal shells, often with hard sharp edges)
  • Safe and Easy to Use, with vibration feedback, rear display for ammo and health and built in-speaker
  • Each player gets a full sensor vest with front, rear and side sensors (not sweaty headbands) – players aim for the body and not the head.
  • Cool Killstreak Rewards such as Rapid Fire, Airstrikes and Nukes!
  • Ammo, Health and Respawn Bases – skill and dexterity are developed as you play!
  • Electronic Capture the Flag and Multiple Domination Bases are standard equipment for all our sessions.
  • Computerised scoring for EVERYTHING ensures clean games and no arguing or cheating.
  • Our computer tracks the Flag Holder, Hill Dominator and keeps score all in real time!


Mobile Laser Tag Blaster Fact Sheet

  • Description: Awesome lightweight combat pistol
  • Operation: Single handed or double grip operation
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Blasting Range: 50-120m depending on ambient light
  • Accuracy:  100 meters
  • Radio Contact Range: Up to 300m from the Central Command Computer (the CCC)
  • Typical Munition Loading: 3 clips of 9 bullets each giving a total of 27 Ammo (setting variable by Crew)
  • Extra Features:
    • Display HUD at rear, switchable for Ammo, Health and Objectives
    • RFID Pack and Base Scanner
    • Built in speaker for with Player Feedback
    • Green / red / orange LED signals for hits, pack scanning, winners etc
    • Safety lanyard, attachable to sensor vest
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries in the handle

Our mobile laser tag system has an Advanced Player Feedback System, which uses a wide variety of intuitive auditory, visual and tactile feedback mechanisms to give players critical game information about their status.

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Laser Tag Sensor Vest Factsheet

  • Description: Lightweight, water resistant outdoor laser tag sensor vest, ideal for outdoor parties
  • Sensors: 4 infra red sensors ( front, back, left shoulder, right shoulder) for 360 degree coverage
  • Lights: 4 red light emitting diodes to signal hits and eliminations
  • Colour: Battle grey with cool orange piping
  • Team ID: 3 Team Identification Strips in team colours (red or blue)
  • Attachments: LaserBlaster safety lanyard
  • Size: Fully adjustable for boys and girls as young as age 6 – thru to teens and most adults.
  • Harness: Arm loops with single point chest harness.

Bases – Ammo, Medikits and Flags

Ammo Pack Factsheetammo-boxes alpha

  • Description: Grey with 2 or 4 moulded bullets, with orange scanning surface.
  • Uses: Reloading for extra clips of ammunition.
  • Advanced Modes: Ammo Swap forces players to switch between ammo packs each time, preventing camping.
  • Limits: Cannot be scanned if you have been eliminated – the Blaster will simply “BERP” at you.
  • In-Game instruction:
    • Blaster will instruct “SCAN AMMO PACK” when your are low on ammo.
    • Correct scans will elicit a “BOING” and an “OK” with a green flashing signal LED on the blaster.
    • Unsuccessful scans will elicit a “BERP” noise.


Medipack Factsheetmed-boxes

  • Description: Red with white cross, round or square moulded, with white scanning surface.
  • Uses: Boosting player to full health, but only BEFORE elimination.
  • Advanced Modes: Medipack Swap forces players to switch between medipacks each to prevent camping.
  • Limits: Cannot be used by players to respawn – otherwise the Blaster will simply “BERP” at you. In Zombies, survivors must scan a medipack within 20s of being shot by a zombie, or zombify!
  • In-Game instruction:
    • Blaster will instruct “SCAN MEDIKIT” when the player is down to the last health point.


Team Base FactsheetT-Bases (RED & BLUE only)

  • Description: Red (Team 1) or Blue (Team 2) square moulded, with grey scanning surface.
  • Uses: Used for respawning after an elimination.
    • In Martian Wolf and Zombie games – used to “Bank” points but can’t be used twice in a row.
    • In Capture the Flag : Home base where the enemies “captured” flag is scanned for final capture.
    • In Disarm the Bomb : Red is digit 1, Blue is digit 2
  • Limits: Cannot be used to boost health or to reload ammo
  • In-Game instruction:
    • Blaster will instruct “SCAN TEAM BASE ONE” or “SCAN TEAM BASE TWO” for eliminated players.
    • Correct scans will elicit a “BOING” & the respawn countdown on the HUD, followed “BACK IN GAME”.
    • The respawned player will have full health and ammo.

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