Player Safety

Safety when Playing Laser Tag

The term “laser tag” was coined back in the 1970s after the original Star Wars movie and became part of the vernacular with the subsequent popularity of indoor laser tag. However, despite the name, there are no “lasers” in our LaserBlasters! Instead, our Blasters emit invisible and harmless infrared light from Infrared light-emitting diodes (known as LEDs).

These LEDs are found in most households, because they are used in TV remote control systems and for many remote controlled toys. They are essentially small light bulbs which emit invisible infrared light over a narrow bandwidth.

There is no need for googles or special eye safety equipment.

Lasertag is also a non-contact activity and this is the way most players want to play! Our crew will warn players involved in overly rough play – games can get dangerous if common sense safety measures are ignored. We always require an adult to be present at all times during the game to ensure that the our Crew’s instructions are adhered to.

Prior to the event, you should survey the area of your chosen location. Please check for, and if necessary, remove any tripping hazards and demarcate any areas unsafe for play. Steps or staircases should be marked as out-of-bounds. Since the laser tag games are often very fast, with lots of physical activity, there is a possibility of injury. Players may slip, trip or fall.

We always carry a first aid kit with us, but you will be required to administer any first aid to players.

We recommend that all players wear covered shoes, runners or sand shoes.

For your peace of mind and the safety of your children, all our crew who are over the age of 18 are required to have valid Working With Children Certification.

Playing in Wet Weather

When the weather is poor, the kids safety is our main priority.

Our equipment is waterproof, and there is no danger of electrical shocks (the Blasters use 4 AA batteries for power). However, its never really fun to play in heavy rain (well some kids may have a different view!) and the slippery conditions and poor visibility can make play dangerous.

  • We will always stop the game if there is thunder, lightning or heavy rain.
  • Light rain or intermittent drizzle is generally alright, and the show can go on!
  • We may stop the games temporarily during periods of heavy rain.
  • If there is heavy rain forecast then you may then prefer to postpone.
  • We aim to be as flexible as possible when the weather is bad, but the full fee is payable once we have departed for your event.
  • So please notify us promptly of any postponement or change in plans prior to us departing for your event.

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