laser tag blaster gun

The LaserWarriors Blaster - its lightweight (450g), easy to use and anyone can operate it single handedly. It carries spare ammo clips, tracks your health and even has a built-in speaker to communicate with you! And its deadly accurate, with a range of up to 100 metres.

laser tag shooting trigger

The Blaster has a single shot, featherweight trigger. Aim carefully and squeeze like a sniper, or just fire at will to frag as many opponents as you can!

laser warriors blaster gun

Your LaserWarriors Blaster is equipped with a Head Up Display, or HUD. The HUD gives you instant feedback about your ammo, health and any objectives you need to scan.

laser warrior blaster

The Mode Button switches the HUD Display from Ammo to Health, giving you live status updates during the Game!

laser warriors blaster gun

Ammo mode displays a green bullet. This Blaster has 9 shots left in the current clip, with no spare clips. The player will need to reload by finding and scanning an Ammo Pack soon!

laser tag blaster

This Blaster has 3 spare clips, with 9 shots left in the current clip. If each magazine clip has 10 shots, then this Blaster still has 39 shots available! When a clip is finished, the Blaster will pause for a second as the old clip is ejected and a fresh one loaded.

laser warriors blaster gun 5

Health mode displays a green cross. This player still has 5 health points. If the Game uses the Med-kits, the Blaster will warn you to scan a Med-kit when you have one remaining Health Point. Hurry and scan, or you may need to be respawn or be eliminated altogether!

laser warriors blaster gun

The Objectives mode is a green double arrow. This tells you which Team Base you need to scan (in this case Team Base 3, or the Yellow Team Base) - this might be for respawning, for Capture the Flag or to bank points in a Zombie or Lasertip Game.

laser warriors blaster gun

The built-in Scanner is used to load up new Ammo, boost your health or trigger a respawn.

laser tag blaster ammo

Scanning is easy - just line the logo on the Base with the Scanner and press together gently - the Blaster Light will flash Green, the speaker will go 'BOING!' and your new Ammo should be shown on your HUD - now you are ready for more blasting!

laser warriors blaster gun

This light flashes GREEN when you fire and RED when you have been hit. At the end of the Game, the winners light flashes GREEN, the losers flash RED.

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The Laser Blaster


Our laser tag equipment is safe for all ages – there is no pain involved at all! The blasters use infra-red beams (like those found in TV remotes) which cannot be seen and do not harm young eyes.

Each laser tag blaster is light and easy to carry and can be easily held with one hand by a 6 year old child. When players are tagged by a blaster, their sensor vests light up. Each blaster is linked to our LaserWarriors laptop, so the game scoreboard is automatically updated for each tag.

Our blasters are designed for indoor and outdoor play, so we have the flexibility to play wherever you would like to have the party! Play laser skirmish at your local park, at a school oval or at a scout hall.

Parents can see everything as it happens, and can also enjoy seeing the boys and girls have a great time! Teenagers will appreciate the constant feedback, realism and strategy of the way we play the game.


Mobile Laser Tag Blaster Fact Sheet

  • Description: Awesome lightweight combat pistol
  • Operation: Single handed or double grip operation
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Blasting Range: 50-120m depending on ambient light
  • Accuracy: Infra red cone is approx 1 meter in diameter at 100 meters
  • Radio Contact Range: Up to 300m from the Central Command Computer (the CCC)
  • Typical Munition Loading: 3 clips of 9 bullets each giving a total of 27 Ammo (setting variable by Crew)
  • Extra Features:
    • Display HUD at rear, switchable for Ammo, Health and Objectives
    • RFID Pack and Base Scanner
    • Built in speaker for with Advance Experiential Player Feedback System
    • Green / red / orange LED signals for hits, pack scanning, winners etc
    • Safety lanyard, attachable to sensor vest
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries in the handle

Our mobile laser tag system has an Advanced Player Feedback System, which uses a wide variety of intuitive auditory, visual and tactile feedback mechanisms to give players critical game information about their status.

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