Our Unique Outdoor Laser Tag Games

RN Boy AimingChoose from a unique selection of game modes including

  • Free for All (no teams, every man for himself)
  • Team Frag (limited ammo and health, unlimited lives)
  • Team Deathmatch (limited ammo, health & life – elimination game)
  • Capture the Flag
  • King of the Hill
  • Zombie Infection (try to bank as many points and not get infected!)
  • Martian Wolf (laser tip with a difference)
  • Many many more!

Laser tag is really popular with all age groups because it combines a safe physical activity with skill and strategic thinking. Its great fun because it can be played in small or large groups. All the friends – even the whole class – can be invited. This gives you a chance to play with everyone at the same time, in team or individually scored games.

There are many lasertag venues around Sydney, but there are a few unique things about LaserWarriors


  • We play outdoors – typically in lovely natural settings like public parks and large backyards. Ovals are good too!
  • Our games are designed to maximise physical activity and fun – players run for ammo, health or to respawn.
  • We can do large events – feel free to invite the whole class to the party – our crew will keep order and marshal the kids.
  • All our functions are private, and the only kids playing will be the ones you invited.
  • You control the foods and beverages served at the party.
  • Strangely enough, the games are pretty quiet! The kids are so focussed you only hear pew-pew shooting sounds.
  • Our Crew are there to help you host your event and keep the kids safe, so you can relax and enjoy the party too.
  • We have many different game modes which are age appropriate for 6-8 yo, all the way through to much more complex asymmetrical games suitable for cadets, team-building and experiential leadership training for young adults.
  • We mix up team and individuals games with just fun plain fun games like Martian Wolf (aka laser tip) or Zombies.
  • Teenagers can choose more challenging games like King of the Hill, Capture the Flag or Disarm the Bomb. These require strategic thinking, terrain surveillance and close teamwork.
  • Older siblings can play too – we have special games like Liquidators for the brave few against the many…
  • And we can handicap players – like Dad – to level the playing field (some may need reverse handicapping!)

Best of all – we come to you!

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Free for All

Free For All

The quickest way to get started in Lasertag, Free for All is a game of survival where each player must fend for themselves. Shooting any other player will grant you one point, and defeating a player grants you 3 points. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins!

Free Frag

Free Frag

Compete against all and sundry or form strategic alliances. A classic game played at laser tag centres with an exciting difference to prevent camping - you need to find the ammo pack to reload, and the med-kits to boost your health before you get fragged. The Gamemaster could dial up the activity by enabling 'Swap Mode' forcing you to find a new pack each time!

Team Frag

Team Frag

Split up your friends into two teams and defeat your opponents! Team work is a must, as one successful hit will take you out! Team Frag has tons of extra configuration options, such as regenerating shields or temporary invincibility after being shot.



Two teams fight each other for a crowded planet's scarce resources! Each team must steal energy points from the other's reserves, and bring them back to their own base. Stealing energy gives the player an energy shield that protects them from enemy fire... but don't get hit too many times, or you won't have any energy left to turn in at your Team Base! Whichever team has more energy at the end of the match wins!


Capture the Flag

Two teams. Two flags. One Objective - to steal the enemy's flag! Your Blaster will flash Green whilst you hold the flag! Be quick - run back to your base and win the game! But beware - do not to get fragged with the the stolen flag before you get to your base, or it'll instantly get sent back to the enemy! Choose strategic locations for your team's base and flag before each match for endless variety!

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Martian Wolf

Tip ... with a twist! At the start of the game, one player is randomly chosen to be 'The Wolf'. Its easy to see who is 'it' - their sensor vest flashes and they can shoot! If you are The Wolf, select your target and shoot! A hit will turn THEM into The Wolf! While The Wolf is hunting you, you cannot shoot back. Your blaster collects point for you to bank at any of the four Team Bases. Don't hide from The Wolf too long, though - your Blaster can only store 10 points! You can't use the same Team Base twice in a row, and if The Wolf shoots you, he'll steal your points. Then YOU'LL be The MARTIAN WOLF!



The Liquidators have come, and the Commandos must defeat them before time runs out! Each Liquidator has only one life, but a lot of health... and each time they're shot, they turn invincible for a short period! The Commandos might have more players, but with just a few hit points each, they're much easier to defeat. They'd better use their health packs to stay alive, because each time a Commando is defeated, time is taken off the clock! Take too many risks, and the match will be over in no time, and the Liquidators will win!

zombie badge

Zombie Infection

A randomly selected player starts off the match as a Zombie. Shoot Zombies to disable them, but only temporarily because Zombies don't die. Uninfected players must try to survive, while their guns slowly collect points. Players can bank their points at any of the 4 T-Bases scattered across the city... but you can't use the same T-Base twice in a row! Don't sit still too long, your Blaster only holds 10 points! Careful, though! Zombies are out there! If you get shot by a Zombie, you don't have much time to scan a Med-kit to get cured! Take too long and the infection will spread through your body, and you too will become a Zombie!