Complimentary Postcard Invitations

Printed on heavy glossy card – choose one and we will send a set to you by priority mail at no charge.

Alternatively, you can send via email – just click on a card to download a PDF and customise using ADOBE READER!

Action Boy                                             Clone Trooper                                       Boba Fet

  • Sample Invite - Laser Kid
  • Sample Invite - Black Clone Trooper
  • Sample Invite - Boba Fett

Wonder Woman                                     Commander Cody

  • Wonder Woman Invitation
  • Captain Cody Invitation to Laser Tag

Digital Invitations

For just $20, we can customise an animated digital invitation (with music too!) for you to share by email. We will do the artwork to insert your Event Name ( e.g. Peter’s 8th Birthday Party), and also insert the date, time and venue information – including a handy Google Map where possible. All you need to do is send off the emails!

Premium Event Service

Our Premium Digital Invitation Service costs just $80 and includes

  • Customised Laser Tag invitation (with Star Wars, Girls, Teenager themes).
  • Choice of themed music to play as the invitation is opened.
  • Parent questions and permissions  (e.g. Dietary Requirements /Allergies, or Are OK with pool party afterwards)
  • EventWorks login which tracks RSVPs
  • Thank You Note sent after the party

Printable Laser Tag Invitations

Use our High Definition printable laser tag invitations for free! Just click to download a design.

  • Intense Boys Laser Tag Invitation 1
  • Intense Boys Laser Tag Invitation 2
  • Camo Green Printable Laser Tag Invitation
  • Camo Blue Printable Laser Tag Invitation
  • Camo Pink Girls Printable Laser Tag Invitation
  • Camo Purple Girls Printable Laser Tag Invitation