Skirmish – Reasons to play Laser tag Skirmish

Many may wonder how and why Laser skirmish is so popular. There are so many other games however laser skirmish stands out. It’s a new experience which promises freshness and novelty due to its niche character. Laser skirmish is extreme fun and needs one to become fully immersed in the game. Laser Tag Skirmish involves … Continued

Laser Skirmish – Team plan and Strategies

Laser Skirmish has always been a team game instead of a one man show. Hence, the importance of working together and co-ordinating cannot be dismissed. Laser skirmish can never work for a team of lone wolves, because one really has to work as a pack. You would always need team members to cover your blind … Continued

Skirmish – Planning a Laser Skirmish birthday party

It is always recommended to plan a laser skirmish birthday party in advance for an easy and hassle free experience. In most cases, one just needs to fill out the booking form with details of their guests, invite the kids and allow the laser tag organizer to take care of the arrangements.Irrespective of the age … Continued

Laser skirmish – Outdoor Laser Tag game

Laser skirmish is the team combat simulation played outdoors which is filled with excitement and adrenalin. The players in a laser skirmish game use tagger guns to shoot their opponents with an invisible and harmless infrared beam. Unlike paintball, laser skirmish doesn’t involve any nasty bruises. Laser skirmish games are heavily dependent on teamwork, communication … Continued

Laser skirmish – Playing Laser Tag games like a Pro

Laser skirmish is a fun filled and high adrenaline game which promises a lot of excitement. If you had played few initial games and looking to improve your playing experience, here’s a quick guide to improve your game. First and foremost, one needs to shoot properly to score maximum points. For this, one can use … Continued

Skirmish – Learning to play Laser Tag games

Laser skirmish is a fun game which can be played with your friends and colleagues. To start with, try to know the playing arena like the back of your hand. In the briefing room, ideally there would be an arena map which is worth studying. Wear dark clothes because the UV lights would make white … Continued

Laser skirmish – Everything about outdoor laser skirmish

Laser skirmish is widely popular for team building and development, leadership development and involves planning and strategy building. Outdoor laser skirmish is used by a newly formed company to improve relationship and build trust among top management. In order to improve communication and problem solving, laser skirmish works great for corporate sales force teams. Laser … Continued