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Kids love laser tag!

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A LaserWarriors Laser Tag vacation incursion is a fun activity for kids of all ages,  developing the child’s fitness, gross coordination and agility in a range of situations. Older kids enjoy the strategy and teamwork which are a key part of winning at objective oriented games such as Capture the Flag or King of the Hill.


NEW LaserSport Skills Development Program


LaserSport Vacation Incursion Idea

Kids are taught how to aim correctly at a static target with our LaserSport blasters, all whilst doing a variety of fun fitness tasks aimed at improving hand to eye coordination and gross motor skills. The kids are divided into teams which race to complete each task, so the kids get to master some core skills in a lighthearted competitive environment. As the kids master the skill, they progress to multiple targets and then ultimately, moving targets in the fun Run-Rabbit-Run game!

Its also a sure-fire vacation incursion idea for your OOSH to get early commitments to your vacation program and boost attendance, because kids just love playing laser tag!


Our highly trained and professional staff are all WWCC certified and experienced in working with younger children – many are educators themselves! So your Centre staff can take a bit of a break (or join in the play!) whilst the incursion is under way.


Catering for as few as 12 children, or as many as 160 (in groups of 20 or 40 children at a time), our packages are affordable and easy to arrange. Our laser tag equipment is lightweight and importantly, suitable,  for kids as young as 5 years old to join in, all while staying at your centre!


Our staff will keep the kids engaged and having fun – your staff can join in with the fun too! Our packages are so popular with the kids and staff that many OSH centres book us every holiday!


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Laser Tag Games can be played on grassy ovals, under COLA’s, indoors or even in a tree filled park – we provide all the inflatable obstacles and crew and come to you! The area can be irregular and does not have to be flat or clear.


You and your staff are able to see all the action and have peace of mind that your existing compliance, insurance and risk assessments are fully in place.


The LaserSport Program does requires flat open space – an oval or basketball court is ideal.


Our Vacation Incursions start from $350 (ex GST and Travel Charges may apply).  

Laser Skirmish & LaserSport Incursion Pricing * (ex GST)

LaserSport OR Skirmish
12 Players at a time
45-60min game time
1 Staff provided
LaserSport OR Skirmish
20 Players at a time
40-60min game time
2 Staff provided
Combo 2 Activities
40 Players at a time
60-90min game time
4 Staff provided
1.0 hr $350 (max 12) $400 (max 20) $700
1.5 hrs $425 (max 24) $500 (max 40) $900
2.0 hrs $500 (max 24) $600 (max 50) $1100
2.5 hrs $575 (max 36) $700 (max 60) $1300
3.0 hrs N/A $800 (max 70) $1500
3.5 hrs N/A $900 (max 80) $1700
4.0 hrs N/A $1000 (max 90) $1900
4.5 hrs N/A $1100 (max 100) $2100
5.0 hrs N/A $1200 (max 120) $2300

We recommend approx 45 – 60 minutes of laser tag time per child for a really fun time! This is enough time for instruction, kit out and 3 – 4 different games. Combo Packages keep them fully engaged for a 1.5 – 2 hour stretch!

Ask about our THEMED Incursions – Star Warriors with Commander Cody, Captain Rex and Rey, or our SuperHeroes Incursions with Batman, Superman or Captain America  – Get all the children to DRESS UP IN THEME and have a really fun day on the oval! There is an Extra Charge of $50 per staff member in costume.

* Prices include travel to many areas within Sydney, but exclude GST – please call or email us. Travel costs for further areas can be shared with other centres if our crew is able to serve both centres in the area on the same day (e.g. a morning and an afternoon session).

We can run back-to-back morning and afternoon sessions for large centres (with groups of 60+ children).
Or we can send out two or more teams so that 40 or more kids can play at the same time (but still in manageable groups of 20, with each group instructed by 2 Laserwarriors Staff.) Why not try our discounted Combo Package, which includes a Laser Tag team AND a LaserSport team to keep 40 kids occupied.
Each team can handle up to 20 players at time. A good space for a 20 player laser tag game is the size of a basketball field.

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Recent Vacation Care Reviews (Jan 2018)


“Such a fun way to spend a day in the school holidays”

Scott Bates – Anglicare Youth Connect

“The children had an amazing time and the crew helped make the children have fun. They were really easy to work with. Thanks guys!”

PACC – Petersham Activities Centre

“The kids has a fantastic time with Laserwarriors. Engaging for all types of kids!”

Matt Rodgers – KidFit Lane Cove

“The children had an absolute blast with Laserwarriors! They had the opportunity to work as a team as well as shine as individuals to win as many points as possible. Laserwarriors is one of the children’s favourite activities every holiday and as always we look forward to continuing with Laserwarriors in the future!”

Tracey – Ringrose OOSH, Cumberland Shire

“Scott and Flynn were amazing! Kids love them as much as our staff. Give them a raise!”

Gavin Doyle – Coordinator – FLASCA (Forest Lodge)

“Laserwarriors have been a regular vacation care activity for our service due to their reliability, quality equipment and youthful energetic staff who engage well with our children”

Luke – Artarmon Cottage (Willoughby Council)

“Laserwarriors are always great to have along as part of our holiday program!”

Daniel – PCYC Northern Beaches

“Laserwarriors were so much fun! Everyone had such a great time!”

Matt Arthur – Bales Park OOSH (Willoughby Council)

“Fantastic, simple setup, staff were helpful and knowledgeable – definitely recommend!”

PCYC Hornsby